Monday, 4 April 2011

It's a gift

Inspired by some online-friends from Breast Cancer Care, I thought I'd say it with poetry for a change. 

It's a gift

It’s a gift, this life.
Shame I didn’t realise
Before this wretched compromise.

The news was not tangible.
I was invincible
Fearless by youthful principle.

But the nightmare became reality.
So ugly for a malcontent to wake up
And see their best days spent.

That life’s my right, I cried.
Two breasts, my health, a family
Not yet conceived to me.

And life was kind,
I held my child. Then I could see
This privilege was not owed to me.

It’s a gift, this life.
Once, it seemed blue.
Now, on this knife edge, it takes a rosy hue.

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